Hello beautiful soul – I am Laura, nice to meet you!

I am eternally grateful you found my little universe. Who I am? This is a tough question to answer on a single page. But I will try my best. Here are some words which I use to describe myself:

World citizen. I am originally from Germany but I am of the opinion that nationality isn’t really important. Nevertheless I embrace my heritage and always love to come back to my hometown Dresden.

Old soul. I am 28 years old but really I don’t care. Age has no relevance for me as it almost never reflects the actual condition of the body and mind. What I do know is that my soul has been wandering this earth for a while.

Student of life. Yes I do have a degree, in International Business and Marketing. But really I am learning far more from life than university could have ever teach me.

Traveling nomad. After studying abroad in the UK the travel bug infected me. I traveled to Asia and spent a year in Australia, and after some short trips to India and Cuba I explored Central and South America. Right now I have traveled 42 countries, and there are still so many places to see!

Conscious foodie. I just love food. Food is the nourishment of the body and simply makes me happy. I am eating vegetarian, but I do not identify myself with this word too much. I believe if you do things consciously, you can do/eat almost anything. So I do not judge anyone who has different eating habits.

Mindful moving body. I love dancing, it is an expression of my soul. It doesn’t matter if hip hop, dancehall, house, salsa or contemporary, every style holds a different opportunity to communicate. And I love yoga, which is like a dance with your higher self. I long to share, so I will do my teacher training in India very soon.

Of course I am much more than that, you will find out by reading my words! I hope you’ll find the inspiration you are seeking. For an introduction to my work please read my very first article ✨ Hello beautiful! ✨

My Mission

To inspire. To make people realise their potential. To make them see that every experience carries a potential of growth. That there is depth in every experience. Make them question the status quo, challenge their thoughts and convictions and keep seeking for more.

My Vision

Creating a huge network of inspired beings, that share their experiences with each other, to learn and grow together. Serve as a mentor for others that seek to be and heard.

Besides my blog I am working in the Adopt Mother Earth Foundation to create a conscious, healthy and sustainable planet. If you want to make a change too, go check our beautiful projects!

Inspirational Blogs

I met many inspiring people on my journey, and some of them also love to write and share the beauty of this world:

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If you have any questions you would like to ask, drop me a line!