Hello Beautiful!

Welcome to my little universe. If you are someone that has always been seeking for something more, come to join me on my dance.

Who is Writing?

I am Laura, 28, from Germany. But really I am a soul searching for purpose, as we are all ultimately doing. I chose to break out of the system to face chaos, and what I found is clarity. I am a creator. I go with the flow, I take whatever life gives me and use it to grow.

It took me a long time to find what I want to share with this world. I always had the idea of having a blog so I can reach many people. I wanted to inspire. But I had no clue what I had to give to the world that wasn’t there already. There are thousands of blogs, and I just wasn’t aware of what makes me special. I didn’t want another travel blog full of hostel prices and bus routes and I surely didn’t want a food, beauty or fashion blog full of staged and photoshopped images. I know I wanted to reach people, to establish a connection by telling my story.

Kyoto, Japan

On Realness.

I want to be REAL. There is this trend for perfect living, where we all drink the perfect Chai Latte, have the perfect bikini body, eat the perfect superfood bowl and take perfect pictures at perfect places all over the world. I want to destroy that. Because perfection is an illusion, life is sad, funny, scary, adventurous, flowing, crazy, stressful, arousing, dangerous, peaceful – all of it and much more.

There is no space for perfection as we strive for realness.

I want to give you exactly that, without masking, beautifying or hiding any truth. And whether people like it or not, I am not some constructed, perfect blogger-model, but myself.

The Power of an Experience.

During my travels, I saw with utter clarity – I don’t own a lot of things. I didn’t have the newest fashion collection, the cool GoPro, the car, the children, the savings or even a steady home base. What I had was my backpack with a few clothes, my yoga matt, some cosmetics, my Spanish book, my diary, and my camera.

When your heart is filled with experience, your body doesn’t need things.

Every day, I was hunting down adventures. I had this thirst for new thrills, conversations, places, food and, most of all, realizations. Soon, I figured that it doesn’t matter how many countries I visit, or if I see every tourist attraction and do every tour there is. What really matters are the experiences.

An experience reminds you of something you have forgotten. It’s an infinite source of knowledge and connects you deeply with yourself and the world around you. Understand that there is nothing your soul doesn’t know, but knowing isn’t enough. The soul seeks to experience. I want to share those experiences with you which tackled my world view, changed my self-image and make me grow till today. Because every experience is a way of the universe communicating with you. It’s like a dance.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Join Me to a Dance with the Universe.

With every experience, we find ourselves closer to the source. Dance is a way of communicating but from your innermost self. I have been a passionate dancer since I was born, and for me, dancing means self-expression, connection and ultimately freedom. When I dance, I send out special energy and connect with others. That is exactly what I want to do here.

What topics I specialize on, you might ask yourself. I don’t specialize. I like all kinds of things. It took me a long time to come to peace with the fact that there isn’t that ONE thing I am good at, that one passion, that one dream. I have so many! That’s why my experiences are so diverse, too. Depending on the kind of experience, I divided them into different categories:

  • Life – You know how life just happens sometimes? These experiences brought me on the path I am on now and make me who I am.
  • Spirituality – This category is about self-discovery, medicinal plants, stunning techniques and a little bit of magic.
  • Around the World – So far I traveled more than 43 countries and this is what I learned.
  • Relationships – Why we are social beings and the most interesting insights can be found between people.

I also love to express myself with poems – in Soul Words you find a collection of my poetry that shall inspire you!

Also, I just love photography. I am intrigued by life in all its colors, shades and forms. A picture always shows the photographer’s very personal view of the world. Therefore all pictures on this blog are taken by me.

As we are all connected, my experiences also link to yours. Everything I get out of my experience, you can also benefit from. That is why I want to share. In the end, it is a legacy I want to be able to show my grandchildren in 40 years. And I want to inspire you to go out there and create your own incredible, adventurous, beautiful story! I have a lot to tell and I want to encourage you to see:

Your experience is your source of growing.

Every single experience, every dance holds a hidden treasure. So, try and read, not with your mind, but instead, let my words touch your soul.


Oh, and by the way, I am also going to start a podcast very very soon, because I feel that is the right thing to do (and I love new challenges). Stay tuned!

So, let’s Dance!


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